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Joint Council 32 DRIVE - Political Action for Working Families
Updated On: Jan 17, 2022

JC 32 DRIVE (Democrat Republican Independent Voter Education) is our political action  committee.  JC 32 active and retired members support DRIVE through their financial   contributions and volunteer efforts.                                                               

We screen and recommend candidates for city, state and federal offices based on their voting records and willingness to commit to a pro-worker agenda.  Since the Teamsters are famously
independent, our endorsements span the political spectrum.                                                    

We organize Teamsters and their families to volunteer on behalf of DRIVE-endorsed candidates, and contribute urgently needed funds to their campaigns.  And once elected, we work with them to pass legislation to improve the lives of working families everywhere.

The JC 32 DRIVE Commission multiplies our influence by working with the IBT’s National DRIVE office on labor-friendly issues in the U.S. Senate and Congress.

Please email or telephone our JC 32 DRIVE office at 612-331-5514 if you are interested in:

  • Contributing to JC 32 DRIVE or National DRIVE
  • Information on endorsed candidates’ positions on issues
  • Volunteering to help your local DRIVE-endorsed candidates (distributing literature, pounding lawn signs, telephoning, etc.)
  • Running for political office

Political candidates interested in JC 32 DRIVE endorsement should submit a written request by email or U.S. Mail.  Please include the office you are running for, your address and telephone number in the request. 

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